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Recent & Upcoming Presentations

September 27, 2018 CFASSD, San Diego, CA
April 30, 2018 University of California, San Diego, CA
April 29, 2018 DG Wills Bookstore, San Diego, CA
April 27, 2018 Asan Institute, Seoul, Korea
April 25, 2018 Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
April 19, 2018 US-China Institute, University of Southern California
April 17, 2018 UCLA Center for Chinese Studies
April 17, 2018 RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA
April 16, 2018 APBO Conference, University of Southern California
April 14, 2018 David Rawson Memorial Lecture, Tufts University, Medford, MA
April 10, 2018 Harvard COOP, Cambridge, MA
April 4, 2018 Boston College Book Talk
April 3, 2018 Boston Council on Foreign Relations
June 8, 2015 “Shadow Banking in China,” Seminar on China's Financial Future, University of Hong Kong
June 7, 2015 “Global Reactions to RMB Internationalization,” RMB Colloquium, Fung Global Institute
June 7, 2015 “Developing ASEAN Connectivity,” Asia Vision 21, Meridien Hotel, Hong Kong
May 21, 2015 “The Growth of Emerging Asia,” 10th Asian Investment Summit, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong
April 20-21, 2015 “Mapping the Geo-Economic Landscape,” World Economic Forum on East Asia, Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2014 “The Thirteenth Five Year Plan and China's Financial Reform,” International Finance Forum, Beijing
February 9, 2012 “The New China,” World Affairs Council, Palm Beach FL
October 2011 Presentation about Asian political and economic issues, details to be decided, at World Economic Forum, Dubai
September 16, 2011 “China’s New Era,” East West Center, Washington DC
September 15, 2011 "Reflections on China’s new Defense White Paper", Navy Strategy Discussion Group, Washington DC
August 24-25, 2011 “Northeast Asia After 2012,” Swedish Defense Research Agency, Stockholm, Sweden
August 1-2, 2011 “U.S. - Japan-China Relations,” Track Two meeting sponsored by Canon Institute, Marunouchi Hotel, Tokyo
July 22, 2011 “The Future of Northeast Asia,” International Leadership Foundation, Cambridge, MA; three hour presentation to local community leaders and young ambassadors from China & Taiwan
July 15, 2011 “China’s Role in Asia,“ Pacific Pension Institute semi-annual meeting, Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver, Canada, (65 CIOs of the largest pension funds)
April 28, 2011 “China’s Prospects,” Foundation Financial Officers Group, Four Seasons Hotel; (250 CIOs and other top officers of major foundations)
June 5, 2011 “The New China,” board meeting, RAND Corporation Center for Asia Pacific Policy, W Hotel Walker Hill, Seoul, Korea
May 30, 2011 “Mobilization Systems and the Prospects for Northeast Asia,” Asiran Dosak, Asan Institute, Seoul, Korea
May 28, 2011  “The G-20:  Accomplishments and Problems,” Jeju Peace Forum, Jeju, Korea; (Audience of 400+ top business and political leaders from all over the world, similar to World Economic Forum)
May 16, 2011 ‘China’s Financial and Monetary Policies,” conference on The Chinese Foreign Policy Process, Asan Institute, Seoul, Korea
May 16, 2011 “The United States After 2012,” conference on Northeast Asia After 2012, sponsored by Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Seoul, Korea
May 13, 2011 “The International Legacy of Park Jung Hee,” Park Jung Hee Forum, Sosusoewon, Yeongju, Korea
April 4, 2011 “Is the Chinese Economic Miracle Sustainable?” NMS Group, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Miami; (meeting of about  50 senior fund managers)
January 26, 2011 “Democracy and Economic Development: Lessons from India and China, the Philippines and South Korea,” Harvard University Ash Center public lecture

Additional lectures on such topics as:

  The Global Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences
  Hong Kong’s Emergence as the Third Major Global Financial Center
  Japan and Korea:  Same Problems, Different Strategies
  Asian Geopolitics After the Financial Crisis
  Territorial Waters Issues in Asia:  A Balanced Perspective
  India & China:   Comparing Development Strategies
  The U.S., EU, China, India and Japan After the Financial Crisis
  Economics and National Security
  The U.S. and China Cooperation and Conflict
  Energy Security in Asia: Divergent Strategies



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